Out of Ink!

February 20, 2016 | Leave your thoughts


Did anyone notice that I was using brown ink on Thursday’s adventure to the northern beaches? Well, it was a rare occasion when my White Joy was out of ink. And imagine my shock yesterday when I went to refill it and realised that I was out of ink.

Black De Atramentis Document Ink that is – I have 18 bottles of De A (yes, 18!) in my collection currently. One of each of their document range (except for the new Violet) and a few bottles containing my own mixed-up colours (such as raw sienna and a warm grey). So in true documenting-my-life style I sketched my collection.

I had a few options:

  1. Check to see if I had any ink in my traveling ink pot – I did!
  2. Use another colour – like fog grey. In fact, I have two bottles of that.
  3. Go back to Noodler’s Bulletproof black. Just for the record I am using it again in my Konrad pen.
  4. Fill up my Joy with some Super 5 black or Platinum Carbon and test both of these properly.
  5. Mix up a very very dark grey (almost black) using fog grey (or dark blue) and brown.
  6. Order some more ink and in the meantime use a different pen.

Hmm, all good options (well Option 6 is questionable – not use my Joy!??!!)  but I ended up doing the most boring – Option 1!  However I am thinking that this calamity is a good opportunity for Option 4. I can’t really fairly compare inks until I have used a full converter/cartridge worth of ink in my Joy.

Ok… enough trivia for the day. Can you tell I am procrastinating? It is 9.30am Saturday morning while I am writing this, and I need to do some serious work today. So much for the goal of being cranking it out at 8.30am!?!

Have a good weekend everyone!

(I know I will, once I get into my work… ‘stop chatting and just start Liz!’ Hmm,  talking to myself now! sigh! Ok… I am going …NOW!)

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