Last week: Embracing the repetition

December 21, 2015 | Leave your thoughts


Firstly – a huge thank you to everyone left a message on my “Give it three years” post. I haven’t had a chance to reply to you all yet, but I will.  I had a few tears in my eyes writing the post but I became a complete watering pot reading your lovely comments – thanks!

This week the theme is repetition because, yet again, my sketchbook contains not much more than morning lattes and pen related sketches. So with any further ado here are my thoughts for the week:

  • I have completely come to terms to the fact that my sketchbook this month is VERY repetitive. It is an accurate representation of my life – consumed by my Fountain Pen Sketching series and dependent on my morning cafe planning sessions to keep me on track with everything else!
  • But as Ruth commented on my post from last week, though repetitious in nature, my sketches are always different. I am constantly changing my approach – using different media, or this month, using different pens.
  • Every day life IS repetitious for most of us – how to deal with that if you want to create an interesting sketchbook of your life is the big challenge. You can look for the differences each day (what happens that makes each day unique), or you can just embrace the ‘sameness’ and explore differences in the way you sketch the same thing over and over. BTW this is one of the reasons why sketching people is really good – the same subject matter but always different!
  • When I am really busy and have no spare thinking time for looking for new things to sketch, doing the same thing over and over gets me started. The differences come as soon as I choose which tool to use first. And as I mentioned recently, getting started is the biggest challenge of all!
  • I still haven’t nailed the coffee art in my usual 3 minute latte sketch so got plenty to keep me going! 
  • It is still feeling a little weird to have such a coffee focused sketchbook… what is going on?

Ok… Part 7 of the Fountain Pen Sketching series is calling me, so I better get going. Got a lot of loose ends to tie off before Christmas as well. Sigh – its a crazy time of the year, isn’t it? Hope you are all in control!

Here are the pages…


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