Days 4 and 5: #oneweek100people - reaching 100!

March 10, 2018 | 6 Comments

Day 4

On Thursday I managed to reach the 100 mark!   Yay! so good to hit the target with one day to spare.

I started the day with a few sketches from photos.

And then at the end of the day I went out to my local train station and sketched people waiting to cross the road. I have done 52 line drawings and 48 ink and wash (hence the strange numbering system).

I really want to work on drawing standing figures so it was good to document where I’m at right now. I also want to create more full scenes and stories when I sketch people.

Those of you who did my #sketchingnowwatercolour course will know this spot. Today I was sitting down and sketching all the stuff I didn’t in the lesson 4 demo.

Day 5

I simply had another cafe sketching session. I did this sketch over a period of 30 minutes so that I could sketch people on every table, switching back to my work to fill in time.

I wasn’t as focused on the challenge this year due to travelling back from Perth and a little jet-lag. But still it was great to get back to sketching people. How did you go?

I think I should keep going… so what about OneWeek50people next week?



  • Olivera Popov says:

    Yes! Oneweek50people next week is a great idea! I caught a cold beginning of this week and all my great plans for sketching 100 people from observation fell trough. I only managed around 50 sketches, and would love to continue. Participating in a challenge is always good motivator to keep going.

  • With just a measly 25 people sketches to show for the #oneweek100sketches2028 challenge, I was pretty proud that I managed that many while nursing a bad bout of the flu with its attendant off-and-on fever and hacking cough. I was thinking that I should just keep going because I really enjoyed it. Your challenge is confirmation that I should.

  • Nice sketches of the standing people as well as those in the cafe. I was able to complete my 100 in 4 days. Now I need to take a people break and let myself get back to painting. I do think I will try to do this more often because it seems to be so beneficial.

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