Daily pages in my Zeta sketchbook

August 15, 2014 | 2 Comments

Here are pages from my zeta sketchbook in the last week or so. In overview I have been surprised at how nice it has been to work with (the first time I used it I found myself missing a cold pressed paper) but this time around it have been fun. You have seen some of these pages before but here is a close up view….

Architectural warmup of a Venetian palace – this is warmup for an illustration job.

The yellow teapot was what I bought initially for my Sketchbook Skool demo – just to be different and draw a pot…but you know it had to be a teacup!
Look at the pigment in the shadow- yum!

A pear playing with textures

The one cup in my collection that I am a little scared of.

Very simple wonky contour lines and simple washes

Another loosener teacup to start the day.


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