Coffee Art: My latte journey so far

April 6, 2016 | 8 Comments


I am flat out today crossing off items on my last minute “Edges SD Launch” action list so this is a quick post comparing a few coffee sketches.

Starting with the two that I did last week, where I started doing some interesting stuff.

And the first two from my local cafe when I started my regularly visits in October last year. This was before the staff realised I was sketching each day. They now make a special effort to create coffee art for me! So sweet!

Here are two more from last year when I tried to order lattes in cups – I find a cup and saucer are much easier to sketch than a glass and saucer.

A latte in the sun from Launceston, also from last year… hmm, was 2015 the year I started drinking more coffee?

And just for a bit of fun… going back into the archives from 2008 when I first started sketching! Oh! look at those lines… they look a bit ‘hairy’ but I think they are in fact more ‘re-stated thinking’ lines.

Because I am too busy to write anymore, I will let you do the analysis and comparison. Looking forward to hearing any of your thoughts!


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