Catching up on Every Day in May: EDiM 07 - 11

May 11, 2015 | 2 Comments

I have been keeping up with the sketching, but not the posting of the daily challenges. And I apologize in advance that I have somehow got muddled with the numbers. So here we go.


EDiM 07 An envelope
I left this till too late in the day and was rushing. It didn’t help that I wasn’t particualrly inspired by the subject either. If I had received either of these in the mail that day it would have been a different matter, as it would have recorded an event of the day and I would have been motivated to sketch. So in the morning, I added the second envelope (a lovely thank you letter from a SketchingNow ‘student’ from India) and I was happier.

EDiM08 Something with a handle
I don’t really have much brain space to think of imaginative responses and although I was sorely tempted to sketch a teacup/teapot handle, just did this one instead. I like the white space of this in my generally busy sketchbook.

EDiM09 Something with an interesting label
…. anything with this label on it is interesting to me!!! Love this store!
For someone that doesn’t like shopping generally, and who stopped spending any money on new clothes a few years ago (for budgetary reasons) … it is amazing that I have become a Uniqlo junkie. I bought some more items on Saturday …and finished this spread later that evening… but here are the first few purchases I made from this store. Those Ultra Light Down jackets are amazing!

EDiM10 Something that you turn on/off
EDiM11 A hat
The weirdest item on my desk is my USB cup warmer. I have used it for years and it does an OK job of keeping that second cup of tea inside my tea coised teapot warm.
Two hats… I have quite a collection as I wear a hat to church. You need to have a sunhat in Australia but rarely need a hat in Sydney during winter for warmth.
I did this sketch first thing this morning (in order to get them out of the way), and I don’t think it was a good idea. Oh well, at least it is done for the day. That sounds very negative (‘why are you doing the challenge?”) but the reality is, it is a challenge when you are really busy and don’t have the time to dedicate to it each day. But any attempt is better than no attempt and you always learn something. My ‘lesson learnt’ today, was not to do this first thing in the morning. I know that now!


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  • gooddollie says:

    I love that you sketched a few items from a catalog! I was doing that quite a bit earlier in the year for practice. Now I'm trying to practice quick sketches of people. They are actually a great way to warm up before working in my art journals.

  • Liz Steel says:

    Hi Gooddollie- these sketches where my own not from a catalogue. I lay them on the ground to sketch them. I sometimes sketch people as a warm up too!

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