Catching up again

November 29, 2011 | Leave your thoughts

Not sure why my blogging is fading at the moment… all the action is still happening over at my flickr.
So to catch up….
111125 Three little friends
Friday night: Three little friends
been raining all week and I am starting to go stir crazy… I want to get out to sketch!
111126 Quick sketch while spending a day with a friend
Saturday: Quick sketch while spending a day with a friend
Extremely quick sketch while spending quality time with a ‘best’ friend. Lots of things encoded into this sketch which makes it special even though the sketch in itself is nothing special.
111128 Sketchers diet starting again!
Monday: Sketchers diet starting again!
I want to try and lose a few kilos before Xmas (and then put them back on again… I know!) so time to lose it the best way I know how!… yes… back to my old food diary – sketch everything before/as you eat it.
I find it incredibly therapeutic to sketch and eat at the same time. My diet might be pretty dull (protein shakes and lots of plain steamed veg) but it is so colourful.
I won’t bore you all with every page but I plan to sketch everything I eat this week so that I get strict about the food (this weeks food also includes a high tea on Saturday so I will have to work extra hard!!!)
111128 Communist architecture and music
Monday night: Communist architecture and music
Like last year I am starting to really get into the ABC Classic countdown – this year it is 20th century works.

This afternoon post 4pm(when the live countdown for the day finished – Mahler 9!) I started catching up on the sessions that I have missed out on and was listening to Shostakovich Symphony 10 (which I don’t know… I do like some of his other symphonies) so tonight while trying to re-listen to it online I sketched a great communist building (of a different era but still a connection)

111129 Same old stuff!

Today Tuesday: Same old stuff!
I draw the SAME things ALL the time… I know! Boring for you but for me I get so much enjoyment from drawing and splashing paint around that I do not really care too much. Everytime it is different.

This week I am obsessed about follwong ABC radio’s Classic 100 of the 20th Century. Each day I will record one piece in my sketchbook

If you are interested check out the following links
For the list
To listen

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