Brazil Trip: Last (relaxing) day in Rio

September 27, 2014 | Leave your thoughts

My final day in Rio was spent hanging out in a cafe with a group of local urban sketchers and a few of the remaining visitors. Along with the locals with have Luxembourg, Canada, Singapore/UK, USA. I was very happy to have a chance to visit the Santa Teresa area again! (If I ever get back to Rio I would spend a lot of time in this neighbourhood sketching on the streets)

But before the cafe visit – I had the big job (especially with very low energy levels) of packing. I couldn’t resist recording the joys of different power adapters and varying voltage everywhere we went in Brazil.

Amazing Cafecito cafe… so much to sketch. This was the view from my seat.

and nice to meetup with some of the ‘klassmates’ from Sketchbook Skool … here is the ‘Rio tea-party!’

My energy levels were low…but still I attempted a sketch of the full view. In some ways I think it is not complete…but I am not touching it – being a more real record of the moment to leave it as it was on the day.

One more final group photo…(sadly for this one Xing was still wokring on her sketch up on the balcony)

Leaving Rio I was able to do a few very quick sketches… of my last views of Sugarloaf!
Whilst I didn’t get a more complete understanding for the city as I had hoped for (in particular I would have liked to explore Centro) I had a great overall feel of the city.

Looking forward to getting back to Sao Paulo for my last few days….

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