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March 16, 2013 | Leave your thoughts

A quiet day at home… and I ended up sketching a few of BB’s friends that he made last year.

Two of the friends were very kindly organised by others as I neglected to purchase them at the time.

July 2011 trip:

  • Rooster from Lisbon thanks to Jennifer from sketchclub – I can’t even remember what name I decided – Pica?
  • Haggis from my 36 hours in Edinburgh July 2011 – McTavish is his name and he has handmade uneven legs thanks to AM.

Last July 2012:

  • a lizard for Santo Domingo (is it supposed to be a gecko?) I need a name – any suggestions welcome
  • left it to the airport to get something from NYC- wanted to buy a yellow cab…but this was all I could find – A Chrysler and Empire State building fridge magnet… rather pathetic (BB was NOT impressed)Dec2012/Jan 2013
  • a Lion from Singapore. Once again I left it until the airport. I was NOT got to buy a Merlion.  Anyway, he doesn’t have a name either…so suggestions are welcome.

And well… yes… I am starting to plan my clothes for July trip. I only do it this early because I want to do some sewing. Can I wear and be sketched in the same dress 4 symposiums in a row???… or is it time for something different. I have only purchased about 3 items of clothing in the last few years… but have made a FEW dresses…

And yes, for those that read all my notes- I have a church conference as well as the USK symposium in BCN…so excuse for packing another dress????

It is rather tragic that just when summer is ending, I start to think about sewing a cool summer dress (or 2 or 3) The fabric selection is so appalling in Australia that I buy fabric that is the best I can find … I don’t necessarily love it, but I choose it because it is on special (to use to make a  ‘wearable muslin’) or because the weight and drape of the fabric is suitable… I then have to live with the pattern/colour…it is ok…but…. once again I have a lot of blue to choose from!

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