Back Home - with lots of homework!!

August 6, 2011 | Leave your thoughts

Well, I made it home and have survived the day without being unbearably tired.

Here are my trip sketchbooks… and yes, I had to start the 4th book on the journey home. Despite my careful planning of how many pages I thought I would use – I did not adjust this when I decided to start my trip sketchbooks 4 days before i left.

As for the homework… I have MANY unfinished pages… MOST of the maps that I hoped to do haven’t even been started and I want to add more notes to my pages. And the reason that I have so much to do is the simple fact that i was with people nearly the entire trip and I only had one free evening the whole trip (I have realised that the secret to my previous travel sketchbook successes was an hour or two working in the evening!) I do love being with people and therefore willingly accept the compromise to my sketchbooks!!!

This trip turned out to be the craziest ever because I have so little solo time yet tried to keep up the same sketching rate as usual. As a result I seem to be working even quicker and looser… and rushed many sketches and ended up sometimes adding colour at a later date from photo reference (something I rarely do) Maybe one trip I will only go to one destination and actually try to relax…no never!!

The irony is that the symposium, in a way, was the most relaxing part – I had 3 hours each session in the one place!

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