Playground and paint playing?

October 23, 2012 | 1 Comment

I can feel the urge to do a morning and evening sketch and complete the spread in a day… Going to take me a while to really feel at home with this format (oh! It is so small… Not that small I know!) Splashing paint in the morning with a large large brush working wet in wet and resisting the urge(at least today) to make myself a new palette. I do what to join in with Kate’s limited color challenge but I am need to find a suitable small container.…

BTW it looks like I am back to mid week posting (daily posting) The weekly spread took SO much time on a Friday…and I miss out on adding my extra comments each day as I do my sketches. One of the reasons why I so regularly post is that for me, the posting and writing my wee ramblings, is the final part of the experience of the sketch _ I don’t see it as a separate task (does that make sense?)

1 Comment

  • It absolutely makes sense. My posts have almost been daily recently. However I would love to possibly catch up with you and ask you for some tips and advice.

    None the less I'm excited to watch your new challenge at hand.

    Keep it up hope all is well,
    Benjamin J.

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