Brutalist Beauty and Carribean Baroque

May 28, 2012 | 2 Comments


A little quick lunchtime sketching of my favourite Crows Nest Building – the old CBC bank.

A few thoughts from today’s 30 minutes sketching session at lunchtime … is possible to have a quality sketching session (I just have to plan for it)
2. there are some great spots to sketch in Crows Nest… I am just guilty of wishing it was a little more interesting
3. I should use my Pentel Pocket Brush Pen more often…it is SO much fun to use and QUICK!
4. one needs a plastic bag to sit on when sitting on the grass in winter !!
5. sketching on sheets of paper means that I can sketch MORE as no need to allow for any drying times
6. if there are no Baroque building around(relating to item 2 above) a good Brutalist building is a good substitute
7. I should do this more often!
8. Will be back to this spot on the next available sunny lunchtime!
9. The other two sketches (refer to previous post) didn’t quite work..but the ideas are there….maybe next time I should slow down a little
10. I love doing this (do I need to write this…no, but I was in the mood for 10 points!)

Here are my other two sketches from lunch. I was using a synthetic travel 6mm flat brush which I got years ago and never use. It wasn’t picking up as much paint as I would like so I was not 100% happy using it. This version didn’t come out as I liked because I was a wee bit frustrated with the brush…

Similarly with the purple version …I added the lines afterwards to hide the terrible paint edges… Ah, it is always so much fun sitting outside in the beautiful Australian sun in a late autumn day, looking, observing and making a mess with paint! I know what I want to do next time I get out here to sketch… Ah! But who knows…will my impulsiveness will let me stick to plan? (probably not!) BTW, I was totally ignoring any pressure to sketch perfect perspective today… It was all about having fun! And then went I got home…..

 I am very excited… I have something to read I discovered this book on Amazon a little while ago – the first attempt to purchase it feel though (although they said they did international shipping the seller decided that it was too expensive to send to Australia.)The other copies were way too expensive… then a few weeks ago, I noticed the price had dropped and finally I got a copy. It has pages and pages (as opposed to 1 or 2 paragraphs) on the architecture of Sto Dgo – filled with line drawings, no photos. Now…. I just have to find to read it… as well as finishing Rem Koolhaas’s Delirious New York.


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