What a week!!

March 25, 2011 | Leave your thoughts

Started a new book this week and planned to have a catch up week getting other things done…so wasn’t expecting much sketching. Well, I was able to cross a LOT of things off my To Do list AND somehow managed to do a lot of sketching and note taking in my book. I usually do one or two extra pages each week that I do not post but here is the full set from this week!

And tomorrow is Sketchabout Week 3 – even though there is a chance of rain please come along – we have an exciting wet weather plan for tomorrow!

So here are all these pages in full

Sunday page

Combined all my morning readings onto one page

And collected some summary of the day onto another page…

pre-gym quick sketches of views from where I park my car – a case of sketching for the case of sketching within a limited time. Hard not to rush or overwork within the short time frame and hard to find instant inspiration from very ordinary subjects- a good challenge!!
3 times to the gym this week!!! I am happy!

Another sketch of a tree in the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney

As discussed here

As well as getting to the gym three times a week, I am also planning to do at least one quick sketch during a walk at lunchtime.
BTW, I found my pen at home! Relief!

I just can’t stop sketching food…. but first time I have ever tried splatting paint- fun!! Need to try that again!

Another ultra quick, half concentrating sketch. It is nice that I have such a special understanding friend who doesn’t think I am being rude by sketching away…but just imagine how much gelato I would have eaten if I hadn’t been painting at the time! Not sure what my subconscious compositional skills were trying to do tonight!

As discussed here.

Meet a lovely couple today. Cyndi is an artist and gave me her card – the back of which suited my sketch perfectly

another one of my under 20 minutes pregym sketches

Friday night wind down … trying to have a break from Italian Baroque… how about Spanish architecture instead.


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