Sketching during a photo shoot

February 16, 2011 | 2 Comments

I am really excited to be involved in a wonderful upcoming project with the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney – along with my sketching buddies Wendy, Annie and Alissa. As part of a special Autumn of the Arts festival, they will be holding 6 weeks of afternoon sketchabouts in the garden – Saturday 12 March – 18 April from 1-3pm. I will post more details of this later…but if you are in Sydney we would LOVE for you to pop in and sketch with us!!

Please visit the blog to see sketches from us as we get ready for what should be an exciting sketching event in Sydney.

Today at lunch we went to the gardens to have some photos taken of us sketching – in the garden and also in the restaurant – can you believe it they will be hosting special afternoon teas (with very sketchable displays of food!)!!!

These are the sketches I did while ‘pretending’ to sketch! Of course I can’t PRETEND to sketch… I am used to asking someone to photograph me while I am doing a sketch…but for the photography to be more important than what was happening on the page was rather strange. Also strange was the need to be reminded to smile (normally I have that intensely serious concentrating look!) It was a lot of fun… but I am more and more convinced that it is often easier to sketch than to take a good photo!


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