110115 A few hours in the Gardens

January 18, 2011 | Leave your thoughts

I am spending as much time as I can these days in the Sydney Botanic Gardens (I will explain why in a week or so) and have started a separate sketchbook for my garden sketches. .
110115 Botanic Gardens 01 Morshead F Gate
Here are a few that I did on Saturday – it wasn’t the most pleasant day… I find high humidity very draining but still I sketch and sketch….

110115 Botanic Gardens 02 Succulent Garden
Perhaps sitting in the succulent garden in the middle of the day was NOT a good idea – it is hot here in the middle of winter!
110115 Botanic Gardens 03 Succulent Group
110115 Botanic Gardens 04 Levy Fountain
Was fun to sketch the fountain and watch all the people come up and drink – even try to have a water fight with the bubblers – but I did try to keep an eye on this toddler (where was his mother?)

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