A Zoo Visit to sketch Bilbies

April 2, 2010 | 2 Comments


I went to the zoo this afternoon for 2 hours (not enough time) to see if I could see a bilby and our new baby elephant.

I spent 45 minutes in the dark watching 2 very cute bilbies run/hop around and around the enclosure. I tried to capture something of them  but they were never still!

I filled 6 pages with sketches and these are a combo of the best of them (which is not saying much!)

I have to say that they are unbelievably cute and more like a mini kangaroo than a rabbit (or a rat). They run around like a kangaroo walks – if that makes sense.

Unfortunately the elephants were heading in for the night when I got to them at 4pm – so a few quick sketches of various animals. I

need to go a little earlier in the day and sit at the one place for a few hours and see if I can manage a decent drawing. I find animals hard anytime – but I get quite stressed drawing moving ones.

Note: I didn’t take a pencil with me today to force myself to work in ink only.

Finished my afternoon with a cuppa at Balmoral Beach.

Ah! so much easier – I am in control of the movement (or disappearance) of the cake!


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