The books I am reading and the moment - and some visual notes

February 3, 2010 | Leave your thoughts

A summary over two spreads of a book I read/ explored/ looked at over my summer break. To explain – the book is filled with original designs (sketches, catalogues, sample books) grouped in different periods each with a small note explaining it.

The content is fairly random but as it is mainly drawings is a lot more interesting than a book filled of photos such as the V&A Period Styles book. I chose to sketch various chair designs ( chair backs) – there were probably enough teapots/ cups to do this exercise… But I was looking for something different!

Inspired by a photo by Ed and the fact that I just did a spread on a book – here is a photo of the books that are currently sitting on the ‘flavour of the month’ shelf in my library.

It certainly doesn’t mean that I will be reading them all – of course I would like to read them sooner rather than later – but they are just there if I feel like picking one of them up when having a cuppa.

A common experience for me is to pull a book off the shelf and notice a bookmark(old photo or postcard) about 10 pages in -“thats right I did start this…”

BTW, notice no art books – they have another shelf….
BTW2 – click here to go to Flickr and see some notes – I enjoyed adding them – I could spend all day talking about my books…. so many of them have stories!

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