A new view of Sydney Harbour Bridge

January 22, 2018 | 6 Comments

Here is a sketch which I did on a sketching event during the Christmas – New Year break. I have never sketched this view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge from the city side and it was fun to tackle an extremely foreshortened view.

I was feeling tired (my drawing was a little off) and I used a lot of watery washes in this sketch, so at one stage I lost control a bit. However, I just stuck to my golden rule to be brave and leave it alone. And this was the result. Needless to say, I want to return to have another go!

I was also having a deja vu moment thinking about my sketch of the Golden Gate Bridge from a few months ago!

I’m not going to be able to post to my blog much (if at all) in the next month as my SketchingNow Watercolour course has taken over my life!  There have been a heap of amazing questions for me to answer each week, and lots and lots of work posted into the classroom for me to go through. I’m loving it!!! Thanks to everyone who is a part of it.

Note: The course is now closed but I have started a waiting list so people can get updates on when the course will be open again. Click here if you want to be part of it.



  • Sean Kupisz - January 22, 2018 reply

    That sketch is breathtaking in its looseness and vibrancy. Awe inspiring. Emotional. Thank you for lifting my spirits again and again. Beyond words! Sean

    • Liz Steel - January 22, 2018 reply

      thanks Sean!

  • Joan Tavolott - January 22, 2018 reply

    I like the looseness of this one! I'm going to have to go back and look at your Sydney sketches so I know what I should sketch when I'm there in April.

    • Liz Steel - February 8, 2018 reply

      thanks Joan - please let us know when you will be in Sydney and we'll organise a sketch meet

  • Laurie Wigham - January 24, 2018 reply

    As soon as I saw it I immediately thought of the day we crouched at the base of the Golden Gate Bridge to sketch.

    • Liz Steel - February 8, 2018 reply

      Oh! missing our great art chats! hope to return to SF soon!

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