My art souvenirs

October 30, 2010 | 4 Comments

Art Souvenirs
Here is the final version of my art souvenirs from my trip – where I got them and why… a ‘good’ reason each time!? In fact if i was in an art store with one of my online friends I tried to buy something that they used / was particular to the location. Now I have to use them all! Click on all sizes if you want to read all the crazy details – some of the more utilitarian purchases I am a bit hazy about where I got them and am still waiting for a parcel of documents to arrive from the UK which might have some of my receipts in it.
Anyway- it was a fun but time consuming page to do!


  • Rock Kyndl - October 31, 2010 reply

    ...just plain great.

  • Hands to Work, Hearts to God - November 1, 2010 reply

    Love your sketch! I will show this blog to my sister, but she may feel sad. She used to bring her bear, Watson, around with her on her travels but she lost him in New York and she cried and cried. He's been around the world, and even had a little suitcase and passport. Patsy from

  • wawos - November 1, 2010 reply

    Compliments. I love your works. Good.

    Ciao from Italy.

  • Irina - November 1, 2010 reply

    I do the "tourist art supplies shops" research too. And can spend half day there, just browsing the shelves.
    Was learning your sketch very attentively, seeking for new shopping ideas)))
    You do great job, sketching.

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