EDM 164 Revisited

April 19, 2010 | 9 Comments

100419 EDM 164 Revisited

Realised on the weekend that I joined Every Day Matters a few weeks after Easter a few years ago… In fact it was only TWO years ago – can you believe it! And Easter must have been early that year… So I am a few weeks late…but still… It is worth a pause…. as joining EDM has made such a HUGE impact on my sketching!

So to celebrate joining EDM and starting to share my sketches with the world I have re-visited the first EDM challenge that I did. The original is here.
080408 EDM164 Camera

I felt a little bit of pressure that this sketch had to be be so much better than the first – whether it is or not there are differences – one is that I no longer care so much if the sketch comes out perfectly (because I know that my circles will never be perfect) and the other is that I feel the need all the time to design the page (often over design the page… But still the compositional part of my brain is always ticking!) and back then I wasn’t so obsessed with boxes around everything. But most importantly, because now I don’t worry about perfection so much and I develop the whole page not just the single sketch, I have heaps MORE fun!!

Anyway – a big thanks to everyone who has done so much to inspire and encourage me for the last two years – for all your comments (which I never have time to reply to or often to visit your sites) and for all those that come to visit and never comment – thanks for looking – I often wonder who you are but I know that each view number is a real person who is interested enough to look at my ‘scribbles” So thanks….

Oh dear… I AM rambling tonight!


  • AutumnLeaves - April 19, 2010 reply

    A wonderful sketch indeed, Liz. I need to be more vigilant on those EDM sketches.

  • nanke's stuff - April 19, 2010 reply

    Both versions are really great! You should be proud! nancy

  • Alex - April 19, 2010 reply

    I agree with Nancy, I love both versions! =)

  • seesue - April 19, 2010 reply

    Delightful sketch Liz. As always you inspire me to pick up pen or pencil.

  • freebird - April 19, 2010 reply

    Both are great but I have to admit to liking your fully developed page a bit more, even the camera on it. That's good really as I am sure you are hoping you've advanced some in the last two years!

  • Ramona Davidson - April 20, 2010 reply

    Wonderful art. Keep posting.

  • raena - April 20, 2010 reply

    You do inspire others...me, for one!! And congratulations on your work being published!

  • Marthann's Musings - April 20, 2010 reply

    Wonderful, wonderful drawing. You just never know what simple things will make such beautiful art. Very nice.

  • Sketch Gurl - April 23, 2010 reply

    Not just your sketches, but your page layout and neat handwriting are a treat to view.

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