Lots of tea cosies including a new one I've just finished!

April 21, 2010 | Leave your thoughts

Left: I made a card for Loani Proir (The Grand Purl Baa) based on all the sketches that I have done SO FAR of cosies – this was the first attempt that went through the printer crooked…so I had a spare copy to stick in my book.

On the right is a cosy that I just finished – kinda inspired by Rosy Posy in Loani’s first book (Wild Tea Cosy) and using the rose pattern from the second book (Really Wild Tea Cosies). Of course as I don’t ever seem to follow a pattern things come out quite differently than expected (ie. Cosy was too tight for the lining and rose too big)

BTW What is the collective noun for tea cosies?

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