Calling all travel sketchers

March 21, 2011 | 8 Comments

Calling all travel sketchers
Ok… I have quite a collection of travel sketchbooks (17 to date in 4 years) as you can see above. But in talking to some sketchers on Saturday I realised that I do not have a collection of other peoples travel sketchbooks to inspire me and others.

So, please let me know if you have a flickr set – link to your own travel sketchbooks/journals ….or any other inspirational work, as I would love to have a look.

Also, I am particularly interested in sketchbooks/journals that incorporate collage (tickets, brochures, maps etc) with their sketches.


  • Melissa - March 21, 2011 reply

    No one is brave enough to leave their sketches for an expert to look at! Well, I am no expert, but have a few. This link is for my travel sketches and there are bits and bobs attached to pages.[email protected]/sets/72157608164941393/

    And here is a page of Misc. Sketches[email protected]/sets/72157608342459378/

    I wish I could trade my sets for yours! You are an inspiration all the time.

  • Liz Steel - March 21, 2011 reply

    Thanks Melissa!!!! – I LOVE seeing other peoples journals – we can all learn from each other. This list is for everyone to share.

  • Melissa - March 21, 2011 reply

    Sorry! I don't think those links are working right, so here is one to my Flickr page. From there you can see my Travel Sketch set and Misc. Sketch set.[email protected]/


  • vivien - March 21, 2011 reply

    These are absolutely gorgeous

    my sketchbooks are here

    - scruffy and mixed media, all sorts of stuff in them.

  • Many Rivers - Show me the treasure - March 22, 2011 reply

    H Liz, [quite scary to bring this to your attention] but have posted a few of my travel sketches up on my Show Met The Treaure Blog - for my trip to Japan last year - where I only post things that I wrote poems for (not always sketches) and a trip recently to New York and New Jersey - still sorting out things I've written to transcribe & edit from this last trip. The are indexed, so they can be sorted to these Topic headings.

  • trish - March 22, 2011 reply

    Liz, I have been a follower of your blog and art for some time now and gain much inspiration from it. I also am subbed to your flickr photostream. Here is mine:[email protected]/
    My travel/location sketches are intermingled with in my art journals.
    And fyi for those who may not has a way to see who lists you as a contact there and to reciprocate. When you click on CONTACTS and it opens there is the option to see "Who Lists You As A Contact?" Makes is super easy to click on folks who are following you.

  • Liz Steel - March 23, 2011 reply

    Thanks so much for the links melissa, carole, trish , vivien and enrique(glad you included your links as I had you in mind when I did this post!) I hope my friend will get a chance to look at them and I certainly will as soon as I get a chance!!!

    Thanks again!!!

  • Joaquin - May 12, 2011 reply

    Hi Liz,
    I have quite a few travel sketches books, most of them in watercolors, but wiyh sticked tickets, flowers, butterflies, mail stamps, sand...
    You can have a look at:
    Those of Greece, China & Australia re published in Spain.

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