Video of the Palladian Odyssey: Are you joining me in Italy?

October 27, 2016 | 7 Comments

Many people dream of travel sketching in Italy, but if they actually make it there, they either don’t feel as if they can take the time out to sketch while travelling with their partner or they don’t have the confidence to make the most of the little opportunities that one has when travelling. Is that true for you? Well, we have designed our Palladian Odyssey to meet your needs – a 5 day travel workshop in the gorgeous Veneto region of Italy with the focus on fast travel sketching while exploring the best the region has to offer. We will be truly travelling and sketching at the same time and learning how best to balance the demands of both.

If you have been over to the Palladian Odyssey website recently, you might have noticed the background video. But just in case you missed it, here it is in its entirety. If you can’t see or play the embedded video click here.


This great video, produced by Alex from Paste Studios, shows scenes from our Palladian Odyssey planning trip, the beautiful places we visited, the yummy food, and a number of ‘our’ sketches (our = Mike Botton, tour director, my friend Esther Semmens and me).

It also includes a few snippets from my Lucca workshop which will give you an idea of what it is like to be part of a Liz workshop in Italy, sketching together in gorgeous piazzas!

There are so many wonderful things about the region we will be touring, but I am particularly excited to be able to offer this workshop based around the architecture of Palladio, starting with his earlier (and simpler) villas in the Veneto countryside and then ending up in Vicenza with the magnificent Basilica and Loggia del Capitaniata (which I mentioned in yesterday’s article).

Sketching Palladio’s buildings on location is arguably the best grounding for mastering classical architecture sketching in general.

We are offering two 5 day workshops next year, one commencing Monday 22 May 2017 and the other commencing Monday 29 May 2017. Both are almost full up but there are a few spots still available for the 22 May tour. So if you are considering it, please act quickly as I would hate for you to miss out.

If you would like more details of the programme for the workshop – check it out here.

If you have already signed up – let me know! It is seriously a dream come true for me to do this workshop!


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