USK SYD at Sydney Uni

June 1, 2013 | 4 Comments

A great day today with USK SYD at the main quad Sydney uni.
I had fun trying out some of my new (new new or old and forgotten) Daniel smith paints and just experimenting. I have had a big week and this was the FIRST sketching (for myself) that I have done all week- that must be a record.

What to do when you do a wimpy watery sky – wet it, drop in more paint and then scrape!I haven’t done a travel journal type page for ages… I think I have lost touch a bit…compositionally it is a bit all over the place. I do need to start thinking about how I will do my map for my upcoming BCN trip!

Trying out a whole lot of new colours and talking about how to simplify the form of the building in front of us into simple volumes (getting my brain into gear for next weeks class – on sketching buildings!)

More fun with various new colours and WOW – look what Green Apatite did while I was not looking. It splashed a whole lot of colours on the page and that is what I got – WOW!

Final quick sketch – getting my sketchiness into gear for an upcoming project!

And here is everyone else’s sketches – great sketching and great company- as always!


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