Trip 2011: Cardiff

September 12, 2011 | Leave your thoughts

Cardiff City Hall


Another day from my week in Cardiff at a church conference.

Summary of my adventure into town and an early morning sketch of the view from my bedroom

With a bit more sleep in my system I was able to go off during the free afternoon and sketch and sketch…. I really needed some solo time to think and process. Really really hit the spot…
but first I needed LUNCH!

Off to the great deli opposite the church and another attempt at a sketch of the church that I am happy with…hmmm, I think I will try again on the next day!
Of course the first thing I did was find the most complicated building I could think of from previous visits (of course the castle fits that bill but I didn’t want to pay the huge entry fee!)So I sketched the city hall (as above… I am trying to make sure that the first image on the post is a little more interesting as a thumbnail than my normal summary day!)

I continued roaming the streets trying to find something that I would really have fun sketching…..

And then went in search of a good cup of tea. A perfect find!!!

Then finally to complete a ‘typical Liz’ sketching excursion I squeezed on more final quick sketch in before walking back. What a great afternoon!!!!

Followed up by a truly wonderful evening!!!

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