Trip2012: Day6 - the day before the symposium

August 3, 2012 | Leave your thoughts

Sketches from the day before the Symposium
Lots of sketchers now in the city so I was starting to get very excited (‘flustered” and in nervous energy for the symposium.. I was an instructor this year) so hard to settle for a sketch.
I wanted to sketch straight onto the church, but as everyone was doing this view, I thought I would be social-able…
this sketch is to get the ratty-ness out of my system

Next sketch – the one I wanted…. nice calm, elevational sketch so that I can understand the design of the facade

After doing the sketch I wanted to do, I then drew what REALLY caught my eye… amazing intersection and crazy buildings in wonderful colours…. love this city!

knew that being an instructor would be very different and would mean that I wouldn’t get much opportunity to sketch… and this was one fot he main reasons why I decided to go early.
Due to meeting Frank, an instructors meeting and registration, I did not sketch anything all afternoon (a shock to the system after the craziness of the past 5 days!) …. but when I sat down for dinner with Nina and Lynne, even though I was hungry, I just had to do a quick sketch.
So from now on, my sketches will be more rushed as I am hungry, tired, talking to fellow USkers but still trying to sketch (reflex sketching)

I turned up late for the ice-breaker portrait party and it was already totally packed, dark and noisy. I am not really one for crowds, so was very happy when Shari (who I had just met) and her husband decided to leave and have dinner. I didn’t need to eat but I sure loved the company.

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