TasTrip15 Full Collection Part 2: Oatlands, Hobart, Tasman Peninsula

February 21, 2015 | Leave your thoughts

Following on from Tas Trip Part 1 here are the sketches I did during the second half of my week in Tasmania. I had completed the work component of the trip (preparing for a travel Sketching workshop in Launceston) and this was sketching just for me.

I could have had a few easy days, but felt that I really needed to get all these sketches out of my system. I have had so many ‘sketching thoughts’ in the recent months while running the Foundations course but so little time to apply these ideas to my own work – in a way I felt like a kid out of school with total freedom to do whatever I wanted on the page. As per my previous post, the emergency Goldline spiral sketchbook took all the pressure off producing ‘serious sketches’ and instead I just went for it, taking even more risks than I normally do!

During next week, I will do some more detailed posts and larger sizes of some of the sketches. I will also be announcing details of the Travel Sketching Launceston workshop in my March newsletter so please sign up for it here to be the first to hear about it!

Get ready for some serious mouse scrolling!

Friday afternoon…

after picking up a hire car at 3pm.


A wet day in Hobart and meeting up with for local sketchers at lunchtime


(sketch free day)


Big day to the Tasman Peninsula including 3.5 hours driving. See more here.


Final day in Hobart

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