T2 and St Thomas

December 13, 2013 | Leave your thoughts


A sketch that I did yesterday of St Thomas church North Sydney.

I was having fun ….
– using a sailor 55degree calligraphy pen instead of a Lamy with EF nib
– using a small dagger brush instead of a #8 round brush
– very loose application of paint
– doing a few quick analysis sketches first to free myself up for the real sketch.
– a little bit of scraping of paint with a plastic card and letting the watercolour pigment do its own thing on the page!

And today I was at Hornsby so I popped into T2 for a quick cuppa…this photo was taking while I was waiting for the paint to dry (something I often do NOT do…)

Six months since I last had a T2 morning tea… and whilst it was nice, I think that I have moved on.

The Macquarie centre tea house was very special to me – it was contained in a great space, many of the seating areas had there own unique character (Hornsby is more open and less ‘magic’),  it was nearby so I could easily pop in (wasn’t a special occasion to visit) and most importantly I knew all the staff and they were so amazing and kind to me. The staff in Hornsby are lovely too but I haven’t made a connection there yet.

It made me realise that if you frequent a cafe/tearoom, it is ultimately the people that work there that makes it special not the food or drink. I think it is the cheery staff of T2 Macquarie that I miss the most…so if any of them see this- hope you are going well!


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