Coffee while waiting for my car rego

December 9, 2013 | 2 Comments


I love compositional challenges in my sketchbook… I love putting a sketch on the page randomly and then working around it. As an architect I have worked with composition for years and I picked a lot over the last 15 years from the graphic design aspect of putting personal photo albums and work submissions together. I just LOVE composition and solving compositional challenges.

But just occasionally I get stumped. Today is one of those occasions.

This morning I had a rego coffee  – a coffee I have while my car is having a registration inspection. I had some interesting thoughts while doing this…reflecting on how I felt this time last year when I sat in the same chair (after just making the big decision to leave my great architectural job for a career break) and thinking of all the things that have happened since …and I want to record them but at the same time I like the page as it is. I have a few ideas of what I could do but they don’t seem quite right….

So I have blogged about it instead! One of the really amazing things about sketching is the way that thoughts, sounds and smells at the time are encoded into the pen and paint on the page. So I don’t think that I really need to write anything.

BTW 1 I am really enjoying using the Stillman & Birn Beta paper. The only problem is that the book is half used up in just over a week….
BTW 2  More use of a sailor pen  and this was all painted with a dagger brush
BTW 3 (if you didn’t see the instagram version) my coffee got cold since I got carried away by the painting. Also I have been ordering caps these days (rather than lattes) so I get a cup and saucer not a glass (maybe I could ask for a latte in a cup and saucer but that would be a little too demanding I think!)
BTW 4 The other thing that I would record on the page if I decided to add text would be that it was nice to go home and watch the end of the 2nd Ashes test (I need some cricket scores in my sketchbook… sorry to rub it in for all my UK friends… )


  • Jo Reimer says:

    I've learned to ask for my coffee in an "in-house" cup.
    Though I don't comment much, Liz, I read your daily posts and have learned a lot from you. Thank you for the details. One thing I've learned from you is that if you paint/draw daily for 6-plus years you will become quite good at drawing. At least that's what I've seen in you; now I just need to discipline myself and do it.

  • Hi Liz. I have had a bunch of red sable travel daggers made – gorgeous to paint with and wonderful for travel. Enjoy your holidays and all the best for 2014.

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