Recent Sketches: A full week

July 20, 2022 | 1 Comment

Last time I did a Recent Sketches update I was discussing what I consider a quiet week (or more technically a Lean Week – I even have a tag for that!). This time I’m sharing work from what was a full week of sketching. And it was ‘full’ even though I didn’t have any dedicated sketching outings.

Last week:

  • Tuesday is the busiest day in my week typically as I’m flat out prepping for the weekly SketchingNow livestream. The week before I didn’t sketch in my sketchbook at all, but this time around I did 5 double-page spreads.
  • We had some sunny mornings so I was able to get back to sketching my local Village Green while sipping my coffee.
  • I had a fancy truffle breakfast and spent a day with family.
  • More colour charts appeared on my pages…
  • And I managed two visits to Lane Cove.

BTW… Thanks to everyone who commented last week on my Lane Cove Park coloured pencil sketch. When I published the article my thought was to keep it as a CP sketch and then do another version this week that combined CPs and watercolours. However the more I thought about it, the more I realised that I wanted watercolour on that particular spread… and so you will see in the collection below the ‘paint-added’ version. I’m happy with my decision as the CP is still very visible in the sketch and I can always do another CP version of the same scene! 🙂

So in summary, I’m happy with all the sketching I did this week (and all the work I got done as well!).

Here are all my pages:

Hope you had a good week of sketching last week!

1 Comment

  • Jamie C says:

    Love the watercolor added version! Harmonizes that page spread nicely! I see how your CP work these days is really vibrant with colors!

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