Palladian Odyssey Sketches: Vicenza

December 21, 2016 | Leave your thoughts

Following on from last week’s article showing the first half of my sketches from our Palladian Odyssey planning trip, today I want to share the sketches I did during our few days in Vicenza.

Vicenza is an elegant city in it’s own right, but there is no doubt that its main drawcard is the Palladian architecture scattered throughout. And well, it’s hard to find the words to describe how beautiful the Basilica is!

I think my sketches speak for themselves, so here they are (and yes, I was in serious architecture sketching mode!)


If you have somehow missed it, Mike Botton and I have planned a 5-day travel sketching workshop in May/June 2017 with an incredible itinerary of places to experience and sketch. Please check out the website for tour details. I will be sharing all my travel sketching secrets – plus a lot of tips on sketching buildings. The work of Palladio is arguably the best examples to learn the essentials for sketching classical architecture.

And yes, there is no doubt that I was a bit obsessed with Palladio during those few days in Vicenza, but there are lots of other things to sketch and there will be a chance to set your own memories of the place in the last full day of the workshop.

So… do you want to join us?

Due to a little movement in the enrollments, there are still a few places available for the May tour – starting 22 May 2017.

If you are interested in attending this workshop (or go on the waiting list for the June Tour) please contact Mike.

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