New Zealand Trip: Part 1

January 10, 2017 | 5 Comments

I am having a great time in New Zealand, seeing interesting towns and beautiful varying landscapes. We have been travelling around the South Island doing about 3 hours of driving every second day. It’s been wonderful! This is a photo from today of Mt Cook.

However this trip has not been without it’s challenges. With the exception of the last 24 hours, weather in the south of the South Island has been bitterly cold (for summer) and most days have been around 10-12C with strong winds making it feel like 5-8C! Some days the wind made it nearly impossible to sketch, but of course we tried to brave the elements. As a result we have both been sick with heavy colds and haven’t ended up sketching as much as we had hoped. Nor have I had the time to blog in the evening.

So finally, here is a collection of sketches and photos as we have travelled from Christchurch to Oamaru to Dunedin to Invercargill to Cromwell and Geraldine.


Christchurch sketches

Christchurch Cathedral 5 years after the earthquake

A lovely day with Urban Sketcher correspondent Mario Luz and his family in Christchurch – a quick sketch at the Arts Centre.

More Christchurch…

My 5 minute sketch of the Arts Centre.

Shipping containers holding up buildings


We had 1.5 days to explore this great town full of grand Victorian stone warehouses.

More sketches here.


Lovely evening with old Flickr friend Maria – magdamerlina

Summer sketching – I am wearing 6 layers plus a scarf!

Lanarch Castle (this sketch isn’t quite complete – stay tuned for the final version)

View of Otago Peninsular from Lanarch castle.


5 minute sketches at Curio Bay of the petrified forest


Gold-mining town of Clyde

Lake Dunstan at Cromwell


Our only day going near touristy places – quick sketches of the Lindis Pass and Mount Cook


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  • Sherry Rix says:

    Oh dear, hope you both feel better soon! Keep smiling, and thank you so much for the updates, love seeing the sketches 🙂

  • Fi says:

    How beautiful – the scenery and sketches! Hope you are both feeling much better soon!

  • Lizn says:

    Liz, I’m so sorry the weather has been so bad and you both have been under the weather – hope you’re feeling much better now. Otago/Southland (no ‘s’ on Southland!) – land of the Scots!!! – summer can be 4 seasons in one day, but isn’t usually quite this bad – but the hottest time is often first two weeks of Feb – we once had snow in Dn on Christmas Day! I’ve loved your sketches, your colours are perfect … ! – I look forward to seeing more! Thanks too for the photo of you guys with Knox Church in the background (just a few yards from our old family home)!!

  • Fiona Campbell says:

    Hi Liz, glad you’re finally getting some well-earned time off, though sorry about the colds. I’m smiling quietly at you describing 10 – 12 C as cold. Here in Scotland we’d gladly take that for summer (as you know ! ). Fresh snow on our hills today and a bitterly cold wind stopped me tackling my ‘monument sketch’ for Edges. Maybe I’ll find a handy cafe tomorrow !

  • Linda Sprouse says:

    Do hope you are feeling much better and can enjoy the rest of your trip. Always enjoy your sketches and you blog.

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