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March 4, 2014 | 5 Comments

New sketchbook… so going to find new subjects (not teacup after teacup like there was in the last one). This evening it was my brushes.

I bought a FEW beautiful big sable Da Vinci brushes when I was in Penang and also recently got a sable blend sword liner from Rosemary brushes. These brushes are softer and hold more water than I am used to and am struggling to have my usual ‘control.’ The sword liner, in particular, is hard to use –  so long and floppy (the splashes are not all designed!) I am enjoying the challenge and the fun of more wetness on the page… somewhat out of control but I love that feeling because then watercolour does some surprising things before your eyes. I have also been watching some Charles Reid so I have the master’s techniques in my mind as well.

I have a random collection of other brushes and a few flats that I bought in NYC in 2011 – I was in a flat mood back then.

I am also using a ceramic palette and squeezing fresh paint for each painting (using some of the tubes that I recently discovered when I loaded up my paint tube cabinet)
Having lots of fun!

(Looks like I omitted to hit ‘post’ last night… so sorry about two posts one after the other)


  • Trudi says:

    Do you have Altoids candy? The tins make great little watercolor boxes. A couple years ago I tried an idea I found online, making paint wells from Sculpey or similar and baking it…but I just made a slightly larger tin because I wanted to add a few colors, and used little half pans I found on Amazon, which are slightly neater. I wish I could join some of your classes! Nothing like that in my tiny village in western NY 🙁 When this winter EVER goes away, I want to push myself to try some sketching and painting around the area. For now, applique has been a cozier project.

  • Liz Steel says:

    Altoids are not that common here…but know that they make great kits. I would love to have you part of my class one day! Hope it warms up soon and you get outside… that is when all the fun starts!

  • Liz Steel says:

    HI MJ – hope oyu have a lot of fun. Please come to sydney (where are you!) would love to have you join one of my classes!

  • M.J. says:

    Great picture. I'm doing my first watercolour class in a couple of weeks and have been reading your blog and others with interest and absorbing info about paint and brushes…very interested in the whole urban sketching type approach. Maybe I'll be able to come up to Sydney for one of your classes one day!

  • M.J. says:

    In Melbourne, so not out of the realms of possibility!

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