"Greens are hard"

February 24, 2015 | 6 Comments

So say a lot of people, but it is not something that I particularly worry about. I know I don’t do a lot of green sketches but never think ‘greens are hard’ when I do – perhaps mixing greens from your yellows and blues help a lot as I know there will be harmony when I do this. However, lately I have been in a green mood – I used a lot of DS Sap Green in Tasmania and then I have bought another green paint tube! And then the icing on the cake is that one of the Super5 inks is a green!

This morning I did a “pre-architectural-illustration-work” warmup sketching using 3 different green inks and my new mystery DS green paint.

The three different greens were quite different – the Super5 Dublin is a muted green (dare I say it an Australian green) while the De Atramentis green is rather saturated and bright. As for my crazy new DS paint…. I will tell you later after I have done some more testing.

Why is it that now I finally have coloured ink that is permanent, I want to dry to dissolve it? I have no idea why, but hey, that is what I am doing! I am spraying water onto the ink when it is just on the page and still wet and then drawing into the water. The De A ink spreads a lot more than the Super5.

And if you are interested this is the type of illustration work I was doing today – very neat work  – so this craziness is somewhat different from what I settled down to do!



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