Filming on location for my new SketchingNow course

March 25, 2019 | 2 Comments

I had an amazing day on Friday filming lots of demos for my next online course – SketchingNow Watercolour On Location.

We started at 7am and finished at 4.30pm and we were all still smiling at the end. My videographers are incredible! I’m so happy that I can invest in such top quality film making and these guys are a joy to work with. A huge thanks to Chantal Vincent for being such an enormous help all day.

We spent all day filming in locations around Manly as it is a gorgeous part of Sydney. I chose a wide range of subject matters and used a number of different techniques. A lot of fun watercolour magic happened on my pages. It’s taken a lot of planning to choose and schedule all these locations but I’m so happy with how everything went. I can’t wait to share more with you.

I did seven different demos (including thumbnail and design sketches) but filled 23 x A4 sketchbook pages in total – wow! this might be my biggest sketching day ever. The other pages were what I call ‘dummy demos’.

A little behind the scenes info

When I did the demo, we had two cameras over my shoulder recording everything and then a third roaming camera for detailed angles.

Once I finished my sketch, I pulled out my secondary sketchbook and started another rough version. The cameras behind me were taken away and used to take more context views without showing what was on the page. Some of these dummy demos are rather fun!

As well as the demos, we also shot video telling a story before and after my sketch. Here is a photo of the guys ready to capture my approach. I felt far more self-conscious being filmed walking around than I did when I was actually sketching.

More still to come…

We have two more indoor filming days next week – for the theory component of the course plus lots of voice overs for all the demos we filmed on Friday. So in many ways the big days are still ahead of me.

This course is going to the biggest one yet and I have certainly put more work into the preparation this time. Mainly that’s because I’ve been refining the content to suit all the feedback I’ve been receiving about your challenges of using watercolour on location.

UPDATE: This course is now open for enrollment. Find out more here.


Here are a few more photos…

It was such a great day! Not only did I have a ball but I’m also very happy with the actual sketches I did. I find it hard to produce my best work when I am thinking so much about the day’s schedule, the lesson concepts I need to cover and the best camera angles etc, but it’s certainly getting easier the more I do it.

I hope you enjoyed these few behind-the-scenes photos of my big SketchingNow Watercolour On Location filming day!



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