Last week: Complete Randomness!

February 1, 2016 | Leave your thoughts

Well first off, a huge thankyou to everyone that left a suggestion last week. I have a long list of things to fall back on now. Interestingly enough a lot of you suggested things that I have been thinking I ‘should’ sketch – great minds think alike!

This week I made more of an effort to record bits and pieces and as a result, I have a VERY eclectic mix of sketches. I don’t think I ticked off anything on my new “to-sketch’ list but I am happy with a broader subject range. My challenge for next week is to make some of the mundane sketches a little more interesting.

Anyway… here they are…

You have seen these sketches before… but today’s comment is that I was very pleased that I paused for 5 minutes to get that quick sketch of Crows Nest Fire Station.

Combining the coffees for the week is definitely the way to go! Very happy to have come to this conclusion and looking forward to some experimentation with composition in the coming weeks.

Really, do I need to tell you all that I actually cleaned my drawing board surface? I was enjoying the splashy look but all scrubbed and clean feels so much more in control.

A little random spread about some favourite apps at the moment that I know I will find very interesting a few years down the track.

Decided to sketch on my morning walk. The fude nib wasn’t the best choice for what I wanted to achieve (white joy would have been better) but it was amazing how many new things I noticed once I had a pen in my hand. The page includes a few thoughts about whether I should just walk or try to sketch during my walks.

My 4 year old niece saw my sketchbook and wanted to look at my ‘Octanauts sketch’ that I did on Christmas Day – good memory hey?  So I decided to sketch some of the old Lego Fabuland she was playing with. I was hoping to sketch her, but she was more interested in me sketching these characters. It is a little random to be next to my lammo and china teacup … but that was the reality of the afternoon!

Most people don’t spend the evening of a public holiday reading a serious architectural theory book and looking up a ‘few’ references in the process. Oh! with cricket on the TV in the background too (notice the remote!) I didn’t intend to go on this tangent but I wanted to look up something about Chiswick House in prep for Part 2 of this post, and somehow I got seriously sidetracked!

Another super quick sketch to record an appointment and a frayed elastic lace to my zero-gravity chair. Doing this sketch is a good record of when I installed the new laces so I can check how long they last.

A morning teacup to chill out during a hectic day and then a very watery sketch during my evening walk.

A ‘nothing’ page… honestly, who sketches a kale smoothie and a backup hard drive at the same time? But, in my defense,  I was drinking that while unpacking a few new additions to my computer setup!

And here is the full spread from Saturday’s cafe planning session.

Ah! what a total bunch of complete trivia I have just shared with you!

It is funny because there have been a few very big projects happening in the background this month (some will be revealed in next week’s February newsletter) but recording this minor stuff will be enjoyable when I come back and look through this book in years to come.

What about you – do you like recording trivia in your book? Is there anything too mundane to sketch?

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