"Draw Daddy's cake!"

March 23, 2015 | 4 Comments

I know that I have a reputation for eating a lot of cake… but it is really scones that are my big weakness. I find cake too sweet and a few mouthfuls are all that I need. But I will admit that I LOVE sketching cake.

Today was my brother’s birthday and his three-year-old daughter was very excited about helping mummy make a cake. It was nice that I was able to go over for afternoon tea and wasn’t surprised that Auntie Liz was requested (by the wee girl) to sketch ‘Daddy’s cake that Sarah made’. I had to be quick!

Watercolour pencils were just so perfect for this situation –  a little girl looking over my shoulder while I quickly drew the whole in colour. I added the ink lines (with my Hero M86) and a few paint splashes later (when it was safe).


  • Liz Steel says:

    What ink are you using? I am not an expert in ink but recommend De Atramentis Document Ink – it flows well in any pen I use. I wold suggest you clean your pen first- check out goulet pens videos for that.

  • Liz, I'm having a time with my Lamy pen skipping! Do I draw too fast or something? Is it the ink I'm using? I bought a no clog type. Just can't get the pen to stop skipping! Thoughts?

  • Thanks! I've cleaned it. It must be the ink. I've tried every ink you can buy locally, so I guess I will have to order De Atramentis. Your a sweetheart for answering! Love your work and had fun watching you in skool!

  • Liz, I wanted to let you know, in case anyone else comes to you with the pen problem–you were so right! I watched the cleaning and also the ink videos from Goulet. Very helpful. I cleaned my pen very well (it had dried ink throughout that came out in small chunks) and ordered the document ink (the video says not to use anything with shellac) and everything is right with the world now!! So in love with the pen and sketching again! Thanks and happy sketching!

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