Cambodia2015 Sketchbook Part 2: More Temples but more colour as well!

August 18, 2015 | 3 Comments

Ok… here it is! My final post of sketches from my recent trip to Singapore and Cambodia

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Here are the sketches that I did on the last two days of sketching, and my day of departure (back to Singapore- refer to Part 4 above for the sketches I did back in SG!)

Thursday (Day 3):
The group was all starting to leave but a few wanted some colour… so we headed into town and to the local wat!


Out the back I was attracted to these houses, a bell rang and then a number of monks came out, wrapped themselves up fully and went for lunch. This was the only time I saw monks when I had my sketchbook out.

Just back to hanging out with Marc and Laurel again! We managed to sketch both sides of the south gate into Angkor Thom with sun.

I was hot on the bridge but I was thankful that the shade of one of the figures was big enough for me to hide in. First time we were questioned by the official guards – it is good to have Marc to do all the talking!

Next up the Bayon (with 200 faces) _ had missed sketching this earlier in the week as the group went on their first day before I arrived. I was excited by the sun but then noticed the dark sky – it was a VERY dark sky! No time to finish the sketch.
I am very thankful that I did this sketch by starting with a very quick overall outline in yellow pencil, then the shadow shapes and then a few more details. So even though this sketch wasn’t finished it was complete enough when we had to make a rapid exit!

Friday (Day 4) – Last sketching Day:
Doing a few lesser known temple – first up was Banteay Kdei. At first I thought it was very dull compared with the others, but then decided to sketch what made it different… a lineal arrangement of buildings.

Went then to find Marc… time to be social as our sketching time was coming to an end…So a simple sketch at the front.  Laurel told us about the tree at the back so we went to check it out… and sketch it.

One more temple before lunch – Pre Rup. A simple (comparatively simple!) structure. It started to rain and I let the drops fall on my page – giving my watercolour pencils lines a nice texture. Then decided to do another quick one with watercolour.

Our hotel had lovely teacups… so I HAD to draw it, but was amazed at how damp my sketch was. Hmm, this is a good indicator of how humid everything was.

Marc wasn’t feeling 100% so it was just Laurel and I now… back to Angkor Thom palace area. The humidity was the worst of the whole trip this afternoon, so I was struggling and just did a few smaller sketch.

Right at the end, 40 minutes left to go, I summoned up enough energy for my last temple – The Baphuon. A huge massive mound of dark stone once again without any strong light to help find shapes or form… but this one came out fairly easily as I had finally worked out a strategy for these insanely complicated buildings. But it was time to go, and although I wasn’t totally templed-out, I was running seriously low on Van Dyke Brown!

Composite Page of a few sketches – lunch on Thursday and trying to sketch a tuk tuk… it wasn’t to be! I tried to sketch a warrior on the last afternoon but humidity and heat was too much for me.

Quick sketch at the hotel lobby before getting my tuk tuk to the airport and my lunch at the airport.

Composite Page.One final sketch on the tuk tuk ride(it was so bumpy!) and some people at the airport.

And well there you have it… thanks for scrolling through all my sketches! It was an amazing trip and it is incredible that I can share it with you all here on my blog.

Now back to normal life!!!

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  • janififi says:

    Love seeing your posts Liz …as well as just darned beautiful, they are inspiring. I'm heading to New York next week, and while I'm there with family …and 18month old granddaughter I might not get as much sketching as I would like done, I'm certainly going to do my best to fit in sketch time, and will do a couple of jaunts with the NY urban sketchers as well as with some of the friends I made there last year. Thanks for your wisdom

  • Love the blue tea cup and the architecture sketches, specifically the roof/steeple with the green and red and the great use of perspective in the Banteay Kdei. Lovely work, Liz!

  • Rupesh says:

    no comparison !

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