Art Gallery of NSW: Dry media and Simon Sinek

March 28, 2017 | 3 Comments

With all the excitement of the OneWeek100People challenge, I haven’t had a chance to post a number of sketches from earlier in the month. So today I am finally getting around to sharing these few sketches that I did at the start of March during our monthly Urban Sketchers Sydney sketchmeet.

It was a wet day so we spent the morning inside the Art Gallery. This meant that I couldn’t use wet media so I decided to use my watercolour pencils in their dry state. While I was working I had to fight the urge to add some water over the top, but I told myself that I could do that later. However, by the end of the morning, I was happy with the dry result.

I also did this very quick continuous line ‘feeling the edges’ type of sketch of the view from the entrance portico.

The most exciting part of the morning though was not the sketching but the fact that I recognised internet superstar Simon Sinek and then accosted him in total ‘fan-girl’ style. He is an author and speaker and is best known for his TED talks and books on leadership and marketing. His book “Start with Why’ has helped me enormously – helped me to think through why I do what I do and how best to create content that will be helpful for others.
I was so thrilled to meet him and to be able to thank him personally for the ways he has inspired me.

But to get back to art… if you went into a museum/gallery and could only use dry media what would you choose?


  • Carmela Sunnyvale says:

    Hi Liz–I often use Intense colored pencils and then add water later, either in an on-site cafe, or at home. Derwent water-soluble graphite is another favorite medium. I carry light , medium and dark wash types and again add water later. Choice of medium is made ‘in the field’.

  • Tina M Koyama says:

    Same as you — water-soluble colored pencils! Easy to add water afterwards, but often I leave the colors dry. It’s harder to make the values dark, but I like the softness, too.

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