After the storm

January 29, 2013 | 2 Comments

We have had 2 days of rain and high winds last night… So this afternoon with the rain stopped I thought I would check out the state of the beaches….
This is the beach that I visited yesterday – sketched in the car again today. I haven’t had a chance to swim there…not sure that it will clean up by the end of the week

This is where I have been doing my morning and afternoon swim and sketching…
This is also the beach that I had the most beautiful swimming conditions- no waves clean turquoise water….not the case anymore!

These are the same rocks that are now covered in SEA FOAM!!! Pity I didn’t come down this morning and see it when the foam was at a higher level. Wow!

There wasn’t anywhere clean for me to sketch here…so just a few photos!


Earlier in the morning I had another tea room visit…

about time that I started sketching the interiors…after all this is my 5th visit there in a row!


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