111008 Spring Sketchabout and sketching about....

October 8, 2011 | Leave your thoughts

Sketches from a fun and fairly productive day- at the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney and with the Sydney Sketch Club…

111008 02 St Marys Combo

my warm up sketch beforehand. I have decided that at sketching events I will try to sketch before and afterwards rather than sketch and talk when with others…ie. just talk! and have more time to look at other peoples work.
111008 03 Spring Sketchabout 2 Folly
Second Spring sketch about we went to the Australian native garden.. great fun and great group of sketchers!
111008 04 Spring Sketchabout 2 Natives
111008 05 Spring Sketchabout 2 Lunch

111008 06 Art gallery afternoon tea
ran into new friends in the art gallery
The what if card was a free postcard. I didn’t like one of the questions on it so cut it out and then added another one . I didn’t have my sticking tape with me so draw the portrait holding the card in place. We then thought it looked better placed off set.
I am very excited that I am starting to draw people across the table now… very hesitant with my linework and afraid to look at them properly but practice practice practice!!!

111008 07 Art gallery bits
quick museum sketches
111008 09 Final sketch
Final sketch of the day

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