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March 30, 2010 | 4 Comments

Look what arrived for me today! Finally using a Xmas gift voucher.

I knew it was out of stock but rang on Friday to put my name down (not expected for a number of months) – I got a call yesterday to say that they would give me one that was put aside – I am rather excited. This completes the 100 years of Royal Albert set – I got the other half (1950s-1990s) last Xmas – this is 1900s to 1940s.

So guess what I just MIGHT draw in the next week or so….

BTW I drew these from photos last February – now seeing them in the flesh, I really how lacking my sketches were back then.

Another cosy from the brand new book – Really Wild Tea Cosies – love it!!! Naturally I want one of these…if only I could find someone that loves to knit and hates tea and is really bored….


  • Anita Davies says:

    Oh Liz I adore the one far left with the little buds inside.

    I have a question for you: What ink do you use in your fountain pen? I seem to remember you use a fountain pen and am looking for a black ink that's waterproof and doesn't smudge.

  • Fabbo drawing of Pablo. How about that. A drawing of a tea cosy inspired by a painter – Pablo Picasso.

    Noice. Real noice.

  • AutumnLeaves says:

    Goodness, Liz. I am in need of a slight diversion so if you can find a tea cozy pattern you like and want to email it to me, I'll give it a go with the knitting. (Has to be a knitting pattern though, not crochet as I haven't really an easy time with that since losing my left index finger). Love these little tea cup sets and have been wanting a pretty one of my own. Just haven't seen one I really love enough to spend the money on yet, though. Now that one to the left with the lovely creamy mint color and the center with the delicate little purple blooms? I could get quite on board with either of those! LOL Serious about the knitting thing, though do let me know if you have specific colors in mind…

  • Liz Steel says:

    Hi Autumn Leaves… Thank you for your kind offer- I was not really being serious. In fact what I would like most of all is the skill to be able to make them myself! All the ones that I really like involve knitting circles with numerous double pointed needles or 2 circular needles. The cosy needs to be knitted to fit the exact pot… So thanks again – maybe you would like to knit one for yourself…they are very cool…

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