091019 Back Home

October 19, 2009 | Leave your thoughts

091017 Back Home - Back in The garden
Looks like I am now starting a mini series On Back Home sketches. This one was done on the first afternoon while sitting in the sun in the backyard and starting to fade (due to jet lag) a bit.
091017 Back Home -Still Drawing Teapots
More on the proposed Scottish tea cosy later… but here is the pot I bought for the future cosy. It didn’t come with an infuser but we found one that fits perfectly and gives it a quirky look.
091019 New Journal New PaintTin
Today I have re-loaded my new (replacement) paint tin and used it as my title page for my latest sketchbook… as I have done previously – this is the one I bought in the next block to Le Select just before we met Rick Tulka (talk about name dropping!)

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