Tasmanian Update

February 14, 2015 | 8 Comments

I have had a couple of amazing days, doing a LOT of sketching which of course I will share in full details on my return home. But in the meantime here are a few highlights.

Starting with a big article in Launceston’s newspaper The Examiner. I love the title “full time travel sketcher”. I think that by sketching my life, I am on a constant adventure, I feel like I am traveling every day!

Details of my Launceston Travel Sketching workshop will be announced first via my March newsletter due out Tuesday 3 March. See below for form to subscribe.

While still in Launceston:

A latte in the sun using a squirrel brush I found in my kit.

A quick playful sketch of the Town Hall.

Another playful sketch, this one of the Gasworks.

On the Heritage Highway heading to Hobart, I decided to stop in Oatlands for an afternoon Devonshire Tea.

And then a quick visit to the Carrington Mill for a super quick sketch.

On arrival in Hobart, I am blown away by my AirBnB apartment which has a view of Mt Wellington from the bedroom window – more details and sketches to follow… ie. I plan to sketch more of the apartment tonight which watching some cricket!

A wet Saturday starting with a Jackman &McRoss coffee where I was spotted by Clare who heard me talk to architecture students at UTAS Launceston last May. I can’t hide anywhere!

Got a car spot in Battery Point with a view and sketched it from the drived seat (since it was raining)]

Met up with some local sketchers and we sheltered in the verandah of the Magic Curries place for these sketches.

And finally headed to Cornelian Bay – somewhere I have never been before! –  and sat in comfort to sketch the overall view. I hope to get back and sketch the boat sheds up close.


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  • CrimsonLeaves - February 14, 2015 reply

    Oh I do love that windmill sketch especially! What an adventure you are on!!

  • Lisa Catherine Layton - February 14, 2015 reply

    Liz, these sketches are really fab, juicy and particularly the cream tea one, delicious! I love your work they make me feel happy like I'm on holiday too!

  • Gabriella - February 14, 2015 reply

    Great series, Liz! You have been busy. The latte and afternoon tea are my favorite.

  • Janice - February 15, 2015 reply

    Thanks for sharing such a beautiful sketching journey. My favorite is the windmill. How did you ever keep the blades white??

  • Liz Steel - February 19, 2015 reply

    thank you! the windmill sketch seems to be a favourite with a lot of people!

  • Liz Steel - February 19, 2015 reply

    thanks Lisa... ah! Cream tea makes the best sketching subject!!!!

  • Liz Steel - February 19, 2015 reply

    thanks - tea and coffee strike again!

  • Liz Steel - February 19, 2015 reply

    thanks Janice - using white waxy chinagraph pencil

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