My ‘Sip and Sketch’ Teacup sketch

December 27, 2017 | 8 Comments

I was looking through my teacup sketch collection for 2017 (which incidentally is much less than in previous years) and realised that I haven’t shared one of my favourite sketches.

This teacup sketch was part of a demo called “Sketch and Sip: How to sketch hot beverages on location without them going cold” which I did during the Chicago Urban sketchers Symposium.

I was using a new (plastic) teacup that I had only sketched quickly once before. There were a few wonky bits, but as often is the case, I just trusted that watercolour would perform some wonders if I just left it.

In many ways my teacup sketches represent my general approach to watercolour – working quickly, taking risks and then leaving it alone. And yes, if you are wondering, I will be sharing more about this approach in my upcoming online course SketchingNow Watercolour starting in two weeks time! Oh ah! I can’t wait.

As I start to review 2017, I know without counting that the most sketched subject matter is my morning latte. Teacup sketching has bizarrely gone off the boil this year.

What about you, do you have a favourite sketching subject matter ? What did you sketch most in 2017?



  • Susan - December 27, 2017 reply

    Mushrooms. I have two sketchbooks full of weird mushrooms. They are easy to draw and they come in so many colors, sizes, textures, and shapes. Their delicacy is amazing...and they are...mysterious!

  • Julie-Anne Rogers - December 27, 2017 reply

    Mine this year have been tree trunks. Gorgeous, gnarled tree trunks with lots of bumps!

  • Ann Greitzer - December 28, 2017 reply

    Portraits! Lots and lots of them. They all have a unique landscape I love to visit and explore.

  • Bonnie-Britt - December 28, 2017 reply

    Frogs, even if I only did one this year (yesterday), I love drawing frogs, and also trees and portraits...

  • David Jones - December 28, 2017 reply

    Shells, seashells, seashells on the seashore

  • Liz Steel - January 1, 2018 reply

    Wow! what a cool collection of subjects!!! Happy New Year everyone!

  • Linda Bowen - February 7, 2018 reply

    What colour(s) do you use for tea, latte, ? Is there white in it? Please help. Thanks

    • Liz Steel - February 7, 2018 reply

      Hi Linda, I just use plain Monte Amiata Natural Sienna for normal tea with a touch of Transparent Red Oxide if it is a bit stronger

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