080802 Two days out

August 2, 2008 | 2 Comments

Friday: Day off work and second visit to Cockatoo Island
Went here for the last sketchcrawl and back the second time today – I love this place!!! Took a lot of photos this time and only quick sketches – very hard to do in very strong and cool wind.There is so much room for improvement when on location and with limited time – need to do it more often!

A few sketches that night when I got home…. couldn’t do my birthday present justice….

Very late night sketch…time to stop! A building doodle painted with my squirrel brush. I extended the sky back into the page before to tie the spread together.

Today: Saturday
A big family get together….Far too involved in our big family reunion picnic to even think about getting my sketchbook out – so did a page when I got home


  • spider - August 7, 2008 reply

    Hi, I got a Moleskine having been inspired by your sketches, the paper surface is great and take the grey wash of my Pentel with ease, I will post some faces once I have filled a few pages on www.alternativeplot.co.uk, I haven't posted much recently as upload is painfully slow with Wordpress....

  • Mike (Creative Dialog Studios) - August 12, 2008 reply

    What a Bear!
    You have been one of my mentors and I have an award for you at

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