080822 Catching up

August 22, 2008 | 4 Comments

I have been really slack keeping my blog up to date lately… I also have to apologise for the large photos that were slowing it down… hopefully I have fixed that.

Had a busy time lately so here are a few sketches that I have done…

080805 Family Dinner
Last night before my sister and brother-in-law return home to the UK. I hope you all notice that i made an attempt to draw some people (a very half hearted attempt I know… but at least I tried!)
080816 Visiting the M___s
Visiting some friends….this was my warm up. I also sketched some of my friends in my people book – but wasn’t sure whether I will post them or not!
In the end…decided that I would… so here they are… No one was sitting still for very long so some are not completed. Likeness is totally lacking!

But at least I tried. Having a small separate book for people does certainly help the’ fear factor’ a lot …as I try not to let this book get much public circulation.


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