Trip2012: Day 13 - NYC Downtown

August 8, 2012 | Leave your thoughts

Day 2 in NYC!

D13_WE18_01 10 minutes wait at Grand Central

Started fairly early considering my lack of a nights sleep the day before (something that I never caught up!)
Organised to meet Shirley Levine(who was so incredibly wonderful showing me around last visit in 2010) at Grand Central Station and of course I had the intention of getting there a little early to ‘just do a quick sketch beforehand’. 15 mins early wasn’t enough to tempt me on this occasion (a little surprising, I know!) and as I had sketched the grand space in 2010, decided to start with the clock (where we were meeting) and see where my pen would lead me in the time.

D13_WE18_02 Stock Exchange

We were a little early for meeting at the 911 memorial so did a wander and sought an opportunity for another quick sketch. I managed the lines in the few minutes but painted later at lunchtime (after doing a little flag research… How are those stars laid out) instead of painting my food (I was VERY hungry obviously!)
D13_WE18_03 911 Memorial with Shirley and Phyllis

Next we meet Phyllis and went to the 911 memorial. It was a great thing for me to do – not having seen the buildings – and to here my companions stories. The memorial itself is nice(terrible descriptive word I know!) in some ways but I would not say it totally grabbed me.

D13_WE18_05 Figure Al Fresco WCP

After lunch I joined my friends in their usual Wednesday afternoon outside life drawing class… My text says it all. I am not one for structured exercises/ poses etc as I want to capture the moment or the scene, but I did really enjoy this…. I got bored with the longer poses though….

D13_WE18_05 Figure Al Fresco
D13_WE18_04 Figure Al Fresco Charcoal and Newsprint

A storm was coming so of course I was more interested in drawing that!!!! Sadly had to rush away from Shirley and Phyllis… Our time together was too short!

D13_WE18_06 Sheltering from the storm

Made it back to the atrium of the Financial Center to shelter from the storm… where I sat for nearly 2 hours catching up on my pages from SD (was carrying Volume 2 with me)

NYD2 08 Tribeca_Soho Walkabout
NYD2 04 Teardrop Park with Richard
A wonderful evening with Richard Alomar (an urban sketcher who is also a landscape architect) who I met in Santo Domingo. He knew what would interest me- first stop a cup of green tea, then a tour of Tribeca and Soho checking out the architecture ( old and brand new), and some new landscaped areas (such as the amazing teardrop park with an expensive stone wall) and then finishing up sitting on a median strip (on a bench) sketching a challenging art deco building till the light faded away!

NYD2 06 Sketching the Angelika

D13_WE18_07 Angelika with Richard

NYD2 05 Sketching on a medianNYD2 07 BB with Richard

As my notes say, I was chatting probably a little too much to work out what I was doing with this sketch- so I will leave it as it is. Thanks Richard for a great time!
D13_WE18_08 My New York 'home;
A map page and crazy sketch of my lovely hotel room with great views and even a wee kitchenette.

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