The Forum in Melbourne

September 16, 2013 | 1 Comment

Casing the joint at Fed Square this afternoon for a future workshop!?! I am not sure it needs to be said that I love sketching Flinders St Station …so you can imagine how much I  would love to spend a whole day sketching it with others next time I am in Melbourne. Sadly there is no shelter to sketch it in the rain.

As this afternoon was wet, very wet, I thought I would explore Federation Square to see if I could find some undercover areas with sketchable views… and I did find some.

The light was fading fast so I approached this sketch in my most slap-dash fashion but still using my basic system of starting with the main forms first and adding details loosely afterwards.

A very wet and cool evening meant that my paint was remaining very wet resulting in a very loose version of this very highly decorative building- I think I need to come back and sketch it again!

1 Comment

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