Big Trip 2010: Two huge day trips from Seattle

October 18, 2010 | Leave your thoughts

Just to let you know that I have started scanning Volume 1 – so hopefully in a few days I will be able to post it as a complete book to flick through – but in the meantime here are so bits and pieces
Flight from Syd to San Fran and then to Seattle.

Big Day Out 1: Tearoom – Grand Coulee

My first stop was a tearoom… but more of that separately.

After a leisurely breakfast at the tearoom my friends took me for a ‘bit of a drive’ out west of Washington state – to the Grand Coulee.


The largest waterfall in the world – without water. We arrived 5.30pm. Didn’t really have time for anything more than a few photos. Back home at 11.30pm.

Here are my sketches from the day…

Big Day Out 2: Mt St Helens

On Monday we had a bit of an easier day – went to Mt St Helens…

one of the most dramatic setting for a sketch – did a 4-5 mile walk this day (as well as the 300 miles driving)

BTW these huge side trips were the doing of my Seattle friends (who I knew from when they lived in Australia)

Their idea of a big day is FAR bigger than even my idea of a big day!

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